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SmartIdea: Sophisticated software solutions and internet consulting

Web resources, live products and business processes must be managed adequately for assured returns. For many brands, internet consulting and independent advice on relevant matters isn’t a matter of choice, and that’s exactly where SmartIdea steps. Incorporated and based in Singapore, SmartIdea specializes in UML modeling tools and internet consulting. They work with clients around the globe, offering strategic solutions for varied aspects – Think of RUP, xP, OOAD concepts, Rational Rose, management of websites, creating roadmaps for online marketing and more. The company works in an outsourced matter and help clients globally in managing their resources and products.

SmartIdea has its headquarters in Singapore, where they have dedicated teams for operations, development, consulting and tech support. The tech support team works with networking experts and other specialists to reduce downtime and tech glitches for live products and websites, while the consulting team offers unbiased advice on management of web resources. The operations team keeps their representative offices, which are in the US, Australia and Philippines, in coordination with one another and helps clients with their queries, using the latest eCRM technology platform. The development team builds, integrates, implements and monitors software solutions from the scratch. Check their website for more details.

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