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SmartIdea: Your ultimate partner for internet and software solutions!

SmartIdea is a well-famed internet consultancy firm based in Singapore. The company works with clients globally, offering web services through planned and strategic outsourcing. SmartIdea was established in 1999, and since then, they have been working with clients in the US, Europe and Australia. While the company has its headquarters in Singapore, they work extensively with global clients via representative offices in US, Philippines and Australia, which are further connected through an operations team.

The SmartIdea team is well versed with all aspects that concern the internet and relevant services, software solutions and processes. From rethinking website performance and designing a plan for website marketing to comprehensive building and implementing software solutions, they do it all, keeping a check on requirements and budget. The company has worked with varied UML modeling tools and RUP, xP, OOAD concepts, and their operations team always offers consistent support to ensure that live products, websites and services have minimum technical glitches and downtime. No wonder, SmartIdea has found recognition globally and has been working on expanding in different regions. The company specializes in ongoing tech and web support, as well, and to ensure availability to clients, they rely on the latest eCRM technology platform.

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